My Brain Is Tripping The Light Fantastic But In A Word Sort Of Way

Today I’m a freaking writing God. The genius coming out of my fingers and appearing on the screen is like mana from heaven. Ideas are attacking my brain. Seriously this morning while doing what I can only describe as an electric Charleston with my daughter another idea for a manuscript popped into my mind.

I reread the first few chapters and made some adjustments, but keep thinking this is a book I would read!

God I want this feeling to last past this cup of coffee because the other 364 days 23 hours and 30 minutes of the year I’m bashing my head against the table pleading for my brain to work. Maybe I should have my coffee tested. Chances are my husband snuck something into them after last nights “why am I even writing this I’m a failure breakdown.”

Keeping this short. My coffee is calling and so is my unfinished chapter. I like these days. Please tell me these days happen often. Or just lie to me. It’s okay. No really, lie.


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